Lomani Sensual EDP – 100 ml (For Women)

Lomani Sensual EDP – 100 ml (For Women)


Sensual has very floral smell.

Size: 100 ml
Type: Eau de Parfum
For: Women
Long Lasting

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Lomani Sensual by Lomani Perfume. With fruity top notes and green middle notes of jasmine and lily-of-the-valley, Lomani’s wonderfully feminine fragrance Lomani Sensual is sure to please your intended audience. Upon first glance it may appear that Lomani Sensual is too sweet but the Ylang-Ylang base is able to keep the fragrance balanced. Lomani Sensual is an ideal fragrance to wear during day or night time outings. This fresh scent will please even the most discerning tastes and will add another textured fragrance to your collection.

Lomani belongs to the family of French perfumes company Parfums Parour of Paris. This company was established back in 1986. Famous filmstar Amitabh Bachan used this company to launch his signature perfume named “Amitabh Bachan pour Homme” back in 2002.

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