Owl Shape Necklace with Long Black Chain and Ring


Owl Shape Necklace with Long Black Chain and Ring

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1. Black Color
2. Owl with fluffy skin and navy blue eyes
3. Fence Shaped Thick Chain
4. Ring (05 Black Stones, 1 Mirror ring, 1 Gold round design, set of three rings
5. Stylish Stuff
6. TiP: Can be wore on jeans & top
7. Waow Product

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The Artistic Features like stones and pearls of this Jewelry Set are of high quality.
You can wear in with jeans and top. 
Super fine unique and beautiful quality product from the house of QBWaoW Brand.
The look is stunning and precisely suitable for all kinds of dressy occasions.
You can gracefully gift them to your friends and also choose a huge range of items to suite each and every occasion.
Most of an extended range of design in artificial jewellery to suit your taste and pocket size.
It’s a Very attractive and Eye Catching Design. 
Personality patterns make you different.
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