Whitetone Face Powder


Whitetone Face Powder

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At times when you do not have the time to use layers of makeup so as to steal the show at special occasions, you need a product that quickly gives you the right finishing touch. You can fall back on this White Tone Face Powder at such times. It provides soothing experience throughout the day and consists of refreshing and long lasting fragrance.

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Formulated especially for the face, this talcum powder has a smooth texture that gives you a great finish.

A wonderful quality of using this talcum powder is that you get a smooth and glowing face that does not look made up at all.

With a soft shade formula, this White Tone Face Powder diminishes minor blemishes and gives you an even tone.

You will certainly like the wonderful matte finish that this face powder gives you; your skin will look and feel smoother naturally.

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